SecParadise wants to be your safety heaven.

There cannot be safety without some risk acceptance.

The inevitable consequence is its knowledge, necessary foundation to allow the research and development of all the techniques to determine, monitor, prevent and fight it.


It’s a solution that provides information in a simple, intuitive and rapid way.

In addition to providing information, however, this solution allows you to activate a monitor of critical resources. In this way, every change is notified to the person in charge of managing the specific situation.

Every functionality, every tool thought and created is born from the need to create fundamental instruments to know the enemy and ourselves, specifically the perimeter to protect and the limits to overcome.

Domain monitor

Daily list of domains created and updated, monitoring of created domains, brand protection.

Reputation analysis

Control your website reputation, with all its variations, with our Web Reputation Investigation.


Monitoring of HTTPS certificates used by web servers and investigations of SSL certificates.


History of vulnerabilities and possibility to activate monitoring on specific products.

Advanced search

The system is allowed to find information related to a domain or to an IP address.

Port scan

Host scanning and ability to monitor the state changes of TCP ports.


The scanning engine is powered by multiple antivirus scans in real time.


The wallet engine handles the encrypted insertion of the data to avoid any risk of data leakage.

Protect your company from PHISHING ATTACKS

When a company is a victim of phishing, it takes about 4 days (with current systems) to find the information needed to stop the attack.
During this time, anyone who has done phishing has all the time to complete the attack. The result is that on the fourth day there will be only evidence of the attack and nothing can be done about it.

SecParadise can highlight a suspected attack or site after a maximum of 18 hours.

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